“Dinner party that turns into art”
This is a new construction plan of a restaurant in Tanabe City located in Wakayama Prefecture.
The owner chef is an art lover, and he particularly respective the Vienna Secession with respect to art. While designing the restaurant, he frequently talked about art apart from cuisine, and therefore we came up with a plan for realizing the global outlook of the owner.


The concept that we came up with is “Dinner party that turns into art”. Painting, sculpture, etc. are often mentioned as art; however, there are very few occasions of describing food as an art, which is veryextremely important for people.
In this restaurant, one dish of food, and every single scene such as scene of having food and scene of providing service is trimmed and put in one picture, and created a space where these scenes become an art.
Fusion of one dish, joyful conversation of customers, and graceful service is certainly apt to be called as an art, and along with several Vienna Secession pictures displayed in therestaurant, they render an excellent time for dinner party.
The owner chef named this restaurant SECESSION, which means Vienna Secession, theart movement.
On the façade of the restaurant, we have put the following line in German.“Cooking is still an art”




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Location:1-18, Takinai-cho, Tanabe-city, Wakayama-pref,JAPANProgram:New built Restaurant
Site Area:231.82 sqm
Floor Area :99.60 sqm
Open Year:2013.12.21
Designer:PROCESS5 DESIGN Co.,Ltd.
Contractor:MIC Planing Co.,Ltd.
Graphic Design:PROCESS5 DESIGN Co.,Ltd.
Photographer:Stirling Elmendorf Photography

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