Giant Food(巨人食品)和Stop&Shop ,这两个代表着一对本国最大的地方超市的姊妹公司,为一碗水果—或者植物,或者是多彩的花朵之类的东西—脱下了它们原先的标识。不管怎样,

我,一个土生土长的新英国人,我不得不承认,看着stop & shop标志的消失我很难过。那个红绿交通灯,当配上一些笨手笨脚的排印和甚至有点过于封闭的形状时,对于两个带颜色的小圆点来说有令人吃惊的品牌识别效应。我确信在我原先居住的村镇地区,你在任何一个人面前贴出这个交通灯标志,他们都必定可以轻易地识别出这是哪家公司
如果你在街上问我的话,我对“巨人食品”的标志不太熟悉,它挺模式化,红色的文字商标切过一个巨大的“G”—- 有点笨重,有点过时,还有一点过于对切。虽然我感觉Stop & Shop 的红和绿的形状会溶入一个新的生命,但它将会只是解决一半的问题。尽管这个新的标志体系颜色丰富多彩,并有稍稍好一点的排印(拯救了“Stop & Shop”可怕的排字顺序),但它真正的优势是它让两个连锁店一起工作而不丢失其中任何一家的名字,从而把营业成本降到最低。从那一点来说,这是有些成功的。


Giant Food
and Stop & Shop, two sister companies that represent a pair of the nation’s largest regional supermarkets have shed its previous identities for a bowl of fruit — or a plant — or, um, a multi-colored flower thingy. In any case, gone is the Giant-on-your-side G and the stop lights.


Myself, a native New Englander, I have to admit that I’m sad to see the Stop & Shop logo say goodbye. That red and green traffic light, while paired with some heavy-handed typography and an even heavier containing shape, had an amazing amount of brand recognition for two colored dots. I’m convinced that in my original neck of the woods, you could stick that traffic light symbol up in front of anyone at all and they could recognize the company without fail.

I’m not as familiar with the Giant logo — its modeled, red wordmark slicing through a Giant “G” — it’s clunky, dated and a bit over-beveled if you had asked me on the street. And while I feel like the red and green shapes of Stop & Shop could have had new life breathed into it, it would have only solved half the problem. While this new identity system is colorful and has slightly better typography (save the terrible setting of “Stop&Shop”), the real advantage is that it is able to minimize overhead costs by working for both chains without the loss of either name. To that point, some success — as for determining what the logo is… your guess is as good as mine — clearly this is not a logo with the kind of long-term recognition that the traffic-accident-inducing red and green logo of old had.


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